A Touch of Cashemére - By Regina Jeffers


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  MARCUS WELLSTON never expected to inherit his father’s title. After all, he is the youngest of three sons. However, his oldest brother Trevor has Down’s syndrome, and his second brother has lost his life in an accident, so Marcus has returned to Tweed Hall and the earldom. He had left Northumberland years prior to escape his guilt in his sister’s death. He could not save Maggie, and Wellston has spent years in atonement with the Realm, a covert governmental group. Now, all he wants is a biddable wife with a pleasant personality. Neither of those describes Cashémere Aldridge.

CASHÉMERE ALDRIDGE thought her opinions were absolutes and her world perfectly ordered, but when her eldest sister Velvet is kidnapped, Cashé becomes a part of the intrigue. She quickly discovers nothing she knew before is sacred. Leading her through theses changes is a man who considers her a “spoiled brat” – a man of whose approval she desperately needs.
Mix in an irate Baloch warlord, who seeks a missing emerald, and the Realm has its hands full. The Regency Period has never been hotter.

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