First Wives' Club - By Regina Jeffers


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Honorable Mention:
Historical Romance
SOLA's Seventh Annual 
Dixie Kane Memorial Awards


NATHANIEL EPPERLY, the Earl of Eggleston, has married the woman his father chose, but the marriage has been everything but comfortable. Nathaniel’s wife, Lady Charlotte, came to the marriage bed with experience. She provides Eggleston his heir, but within a fortnight, she deserts father and son for Baron Remington Craddock. In the eyes of the ton, Lady Charlotte has cuckolded Epperly.

ROSELLEN WARREN longs for love and adventure. Unfortunately, she’s likely to find neither; she’s a true diamond in the rough. Yet, when she meets Epperly’s grandmother, the Countess Henriretta creates a “story” for the girl, claiming if Rosellen is presented to the ton as a war widow with a small dowry, that the girl will find a suitable match.

BARON REMINGTON CRADDOCK remains a thorn in Eggleston’s side, but when Craddock makes Mrs. Warren a pawn in his crazy game of control, Eggleston offers the lady his protection. However, Nathaniel has never before faced a man who holds no strength of title, but who still wields great power, and he finds himself always a step behind the enigmatic baron. When someone frames Nathaniel for Lady Charlotte’s murder, Eggleston must quickly learn the baron’s secrets or face a death sentence.

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