Darcy's Temptation: A Sequel to the Fitzwilliam Darcy Story by Regina Jeffers  (a.k.a Darcy's Dreams)

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When Fitzwilliam Darcy married Elizabeth Bennet, he felt complete at last. When she announced she carried an heir for Pemberley, contentment, ruled his life. Finally, he could become the true Master of Pemberley; he could bring the estate into a new age. Then the unthinkable happens, and Darcy loses all the memory of Elizabeth's love, leaving Elizabeth in a quagmire. She must win again Darcy's affection before he again judges her to be found wanting and before he sends her away from the estate as a fallen woman and before he takes their child from her. Elizabeth must balance her running f Pemberley as Darcy's wife with her need to protect herself from his prideful judgments. She must find a way in the midst of the utter chaos surrounding Darcy's disappearance to maintain his estate and her position in society. Meanwhile, Darcy finds himself in the throes of two resourceful women who would replace Elizabeth Bennet in his life. The manipulative Elizabeth Donnelly hides his real identity from him while the nefarious Cecelia McFarland plots the societal downfall of Elizabeth Darcy. Darcy's love for Elizabeth must save him from the so-called "triumphs" of the ton. The story of Georgiana Darcy and Chadwick Harrison's emerging love complements that of Darcy and Elizabeth's while establishing them as viable main characters. Georgiana's independence grows, as Harrison's obsession with her requires he protect her first from the infamous Mr. Wickham and then from those who oppose his stance against slavery. Placed against the backdrop of the Abolitionist movement and the approaching Industrial Revolution, travel back to Pemberley to Jane Austen's greatest love story - that of Darcy and Elizabeth. This is their first year - a time when they find a balance in their lives and build a future together. As a sequel to Darcy's Passions, Darcy's Dreams revisits timeless characters, mixing them with intriguing new personalities and bringing life to Regency England and a Jane Austen classic.

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