The Scandal of Lady Eleanor  (aka A Touch of Gold and A Touch of Scandal)
by Regina Jeffers

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After years away, members of the “Realm” return home to claim their titles and the lives they abandoned. Yet, the fleeting dream of finally knowing love rests within each of their hearts. For now, all any of them can hope is the resolution of their previous difficulties before Shaheed Mir, their old enemy, finds them and exacts his revenge. Mir seeks a mysterious emerald, and he believes one of the Realm has it. Under no delusion, James Kerrington, the Earl of Linworth, expects nothing upon returning to Derbyshire.

Unlike the men who served under him, he knew love–held it in his hand–knew its perfection, but Elizabeth left him–taken in childbirth. All he wished for currently was a woman who might give his son the care and devotion the boy never knew. Then his best friend Brantley Fowler, the Duke of Thornhill, bid him to come to Kent and help solve a mystery of sort, and Kerrington’s world tilts on its axis. The day she literally stumbles into Kerrington’s arms, Eleanor Fowler knew her life changed forever. For years, she hid from the society, knowing her father’s reputation for debauchery tainted all their lives. Then Linworth appeared, and Eleanor could no longer seek anonymity. When her brother insists on giving her a Season, she reluctantly accepts. Can she win over Society? Can she keep Kerrington from learning her deepest secrets? Can she thwart the manipulations of the infamous Sir Louis Levering? Together, can they survive Mir’s attacks? Regency England has never been hotter.

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